Automatic Garage Doors


We value our customers and rely on word of mouth advertising. We are very pleased to offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee to ensure you are happy with the work completed.

Automatic Door Solutions For Every Budget

We can transform almost any garage door with a remote control operated automatic motor. An automatic opener can be installed on roller doors, tilt, panel and sectional doors.

We carry a full range of automatic operators to suit every need and budget no matter if you are looking for a remote door for your office or home. If ou are looking for the budget conscious options to the latest and greatest innovative equipment including super quiet DC motors and almost silent belt drives, we have the system that will provide the solution you are looking for. Some of our automatic motors even include up to a 7-year manufacturers warranty.

When we supply a new automatic operator, we carry out service on the door to ensure it is adjusted correctly to maximise the life of the automatic system and make sure the door is working as smoothly and as quietly as possible.

Autolift Garage Doors services the entire Sunshine Coast Region and surrounding areas.

Replacement And Repair
For Old Garage Doors

Autolift also specialise in assisting in unfortunate situations such as accidental damage from cars to garage doors (see image top right). We can usually repair the door to a satisfactory level to get it working again, or in extreme cases arrange replacement with a brand-new door.

The options to replace old or damaged garage doors is extensive. We have assisted clients to renovate properties with the inclusion of a new garage door. Modern, timber look and colour bond steel is the most popular choice and the colours available can be matched to suit your individual tastes.

Depending on the individual job, the turn around for new garage doors from quote to installation is approx. 2-3 weeks.

Garage Door renovations is becoming an increasingly popular area of interest for clients.Increasing the height of the existing garage door by adjusting the opening and door can give the client an increase in height to allow the storage of items such as boats and caravans that require extra high door openings.

(Above) Before and after images of a complete garage renovation.

Our residential and commercial automatic garage door installation and repair service is available across the Sunshine Coast to ensure you receive excellent service at affordable prices.


We now wish we had changed our garage door 5 years ago. The new automatic door has made all the difference to the front of our house and it’s now a pleasure to come home and have it open at the push of a button. It looks amazing. Thank you.

Brenda Mc Crossant
Brenda Mc Crossant

I am very pleased with our new automatic gate. I really appreciate you taking the time to take us through the options and make a suggestion for our installation. We love not only the ease of use but also the added security it provides.

Kane Miller
Kane Miller

Paul came out and replaced all the remotes for our Automatic garage door, I had lost two and the third was in pretty bad shape. Paul was able to easily re-connect all the new remotes and save us from being locked out. Should have called him ages ago. Thank you so much for your help.

Marty Dentar
Marty Dentar

We had the worst case scenario after a cheap DIY home install job was attempted by myself and my next door neighbor and we broke the spring. Paul came out and helped us not only replace the spring but also finished off the installation. If I can warn others, don’t try and do it yourself just call Autolift.

Terry Brown
Terry Brown